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A message from Leo

A message from Leo

My name is Eligio (Leo) Reynoso, I am 49 years old. I came to Santa Rosa, CA when I was 11. I went to Kawana Elementary School, in Santa Rosa. I went to Lawrence Cook Jr. High (Santa Rosa) and Petaluma Jr. High School. After four years of hard study and dedication; I graduated from Petaluma High School Class of 1987. I studied Business Management at Santa Rosa Jr. College during 1988. During 1989 – 1990 I studied and graduated from Heald Business College. I received their Accounting and Computer Technician Certificates.

In 1990 I was hired by the County of Sonoma, Data Processing Department as a Data Processing Assistant. In 1992, I was promoted to Computer Operator I. In 1993, I was promoted to Computer Operator II. In 1994, when the County of Sonoma started having cutbacks; my position was terminated.

Instead of continuing my computer skills and studies; I started helping my father with his (1995-1999) Masonry business. I started as a laborer and learned to become a stone (brick, block, paver, concrete, and tile) mason. My father had learned his skills from my grandfather (Francisco Reynoso) in Mexico. I come from a long time family stone masonry tradition.

In June 06, 1999; I started Aztec Masonry. I worked without a license from 1999- 2007. On March 23, 2007 I got my license CSL#892975. So far it has been over 11 (3/23/07-11/2018) years to date. For me masonry has been part of most of my life. I love what I do for a living.

I come from a family of masons; my grandfather, my dad and his two (Esteban Reynosa & Benjamin Pastrano) brothers, my two brothers Jose and Erick. I also have cousins in the masonry business. Masonry is a very competitive business; even just in my family. That is why Aztec Masonry specializes in top quality and personal attention to detail. On major projects, I have my family’s (Reynoso’s Stonework’s & Rock Star Masonry) backup. There is no project too big or too small for Aztec Masonry. If we can’t help you: We will help you find someone else. Over the years I have learned that I make many peoples masonry dreams come true. I understand how important each project is to my clients. I know that each project has a budget and an expected outcome. For Aztec Masonry each project is a Masterpiece. My work is guaranteed for 15 years: Only because I’m almost 50 and will hope to retire when I’m 65. My work will last over 100 years after I die.

Hopefully Aztec Masonry will live long after I’m gone. I have three sons: Ricardo 16, Eligio 14, and William 3. I hope they go to college. If they don’t: I hope one or all can continue making a decent living with Aztec Masonry CSL#892975.

Eligio (Leo) Reynoso, Owner/Contractor, Aztec Masonry CSL#892975

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